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Why Baycom?

Our solutions empower communities all over Malaysia. It’s wonderful to witness lives touched by connectivity. A new, unlimited learning resources is tapped. Families reconnected via social media across Malaysia and the World. New trade links forged, and business opportunities boosting livelihoods.

With access, social and economic development transforms everyday lives. This is driving force, the essence behind what we do. It is what technology is for — to serve, give hope, move and inspire the next generation of leaders, no matter where they are.

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Enabling broadband all over Malaysia; Fewer degrees of separation.

Voice-data links are essential to our lives. An insurmountable obstacle for urban to ultra rural communities — until now. Baycom’s pioneering Unified Passive/Active End-to-End infrastructure solution solves this problem. Its an entirely new paradigm — aiming to enable access everywhere.

Dedication, an ethos to explore and push boundaries led to this new innovation. It has touched communities, empowered people and transformed lives. A more prosperous, peaceful, harmonious and sustainable society.

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