Hybrid Power Solution

Our Hybrid Energy Solution

The backbone of our modern-day society is electricity. So a very pertinent question — How do we efficiently power things up?

The complete power ecosystem — Solar, Grid, Genset — is intelligently managed by a unified tool. Reducing emissions and energy conservation through sustainable power management.

By optimizing the efficiency of power used, waste is minimized. The total cost of ownership reduced, resulting in higher yields. Ease and cost-effectiveness increases the feasibility of investing in Greenfield projects.

A rugged low-maintenance solution provides peace-of-mind, permitting MNOs to concentrate on servicing their customers.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Centralised control via remote of power load balancing
  • Intelligent maintenance of multi-modal power sources
  • Cost Optimisation across the network
  • Depending on configuration — regulatory compliance compliant with ETSI standards (same as telecom BTS)